Doing the right thing can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Also finding the right web partner is quite critical for a not for profit organization with a mission to make change happen under tight time-lines. Making this choice with Click Cures was not just the right thing to do but also fun and easy. The focus, the dedication, the flexibility, the creativity and the common sense that comes included with this partnership is like a breathe of fresh air – quite refreshing. If you’re looking for someone that understands your culture, your mission and your problem statement and can work with your constraints while delivering stunning results, Click Cures is your final stop – search no further.

Our project involved setting up a website with content management features. We were also looking for online donation capability that was simple and easy to implement. Click cures approached our need from all angles and made it happen. We now have an amazing website (www.onlynowexists.org) that we can be proud of and it only took 1 month to get this up and running. We are proud of this milestone and look forward to continue working with Click Cures as we embark on the journey of change together.

Thank you Click Cures for helping us build a dynamic web platform that evokes inspiration and makes a difference to people’s lives.

Vikram Sainadh
Co-Founder and Chair, Board of Directors
O.N.E. – Onlynowexists

I am the physician lead of the Taddle Creek Family Health Team. Earlier this year we contracted with Click Cures to help us design and launch our website. The website has stood the test of time and continues to be an asset in our provision of care.

The FHT website was meant to convey critical operational information to patients, to inform and educate patients re: programming at the FHT, to provide pertinent health care links and to act as a vehicle (an intranet) for communication among our primary care providers.

The website is an attractive and functional site. David Taylor of Click Cures has a gift for both enhancing the navigation of the site as well as presenting information in a creative way. He could listen to our needs and come up with ready solutions. He met all the goals we had set and did it within the time frame we agreed upon. His costs were reasonable.

Click Cures has a versatile software program to address electronic communication and a talent for design as well as maximizing the use of one’s electronic medical record. I can say without reservation that we are completely satisfied with the work Click Cures did on our behalf.

Pauline Pariser, Lead Physician of the Taddle Creek Family Health Team, Winner of 2011 Physician of the Year in Ontario

Our experience with Click Cures to develop our wedding site has been amazing – definitely more than we could have hoped for! They offer a completely personalized service that is unmatched when it comes to turn around time, attention to detail and a careful accommodation of every request. We’ve received numerous compliments from people raving about how much they loved our site and how convenient it was for them to get information. Thank you Click Cures!

Koh Shimanuki