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Refill Buddy

App Review of: Refill Buddy – An App to Help Manage and Refill Prescriptions

Reviewed by David Taylor, Click Cures Refill-Buddy

Tested on: iPad
Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android
Release date: Jun 08, 2012
Released by: Cellflare Inc.
Version: 2.1.0
Price: Free

Developers Description (as it appears in iTunes)

If you live a busy, hectic life and have no time to run around completing all your day-to-day errands, let Refill Buddy make your life a little easier. Send Prescription Refills through the App! No more calling the Pharmacy! You can also request the Pharmacy to contact your Doctor to get a Prescription Refill for you! Or, set up MedsCheck appointments! Don’t waste your valuable time standing in line, visiting a Doctors office, waiting on hold on the phone, or playing phone tag. Refill Buddy allows you to get back to the more important things in life!
With this FREE, one of a kind solution, the prescription world just became a whole lot simpler!

Main Features

  • Photograph a prescription and email it to your pharmacy.
  • Have your pharmacy contact your doctor to renew your prescription. This is accomplished through filling out a simple form that includes your name, your prescription info and even helps you find your local pharmacy.
  • Request to transfer your prescription to a new pharmacy.
  • Find a local Pharmacy using an interactive map.
  • Setup a MedsCheck appointment with a pharmacy.

The Good

  • It promotes MedCheck, a Canadian initiative allowing you to schedule a 20 to 30 minute one-to-one meeting with your community pharmacist to ensure that you are safely and appropriately using all types of medication.
  • It is exceptionally easy to find your pharmacy as the app offers up locations closest to you using GPS or the option to locate one by name or address.
  • The interface is attractive.
  • You can set up a profile in the app so that you do not have to fill in the same information (name, phone number etc…) every time.
  • The app keeps record of all the transactions that have been made and allows you to password protect it.
  • It’s FREE!

The Bad

  • The app does not store any information about medications you are on, so you have to enter the drug information each time you make a request.
  • The main menu could be a little easier to use. It requires you to scroll through available options and then click on “go”. The extra click is unnecessary. Seems to me that all the main options should be visible without having to scroll.
  • This app is only good for next day prescription pick-ups as the app suggests allowing 24hrs for prescriptions to be filled and 48hrs if the pharmacy needs to call your doctor.


This is a great app to use to interface with your pharmacy for handling prescriptions although it still seems to me that a simple phone call to the pharmacy would be more efficient. If there is truly value to be found in this app, it is in its ability to easily locate pharmacies by a variety of means and also to keep track of all the transactions made with your pharmacy through the app.

This app also helps promote an Ontario provincial program called MedsCheck that aims to have patients meet one-on-one with a pharmacist to review prescriptions. Filling out a simple form (contact info, 3 meeting date/time alternatives) in the app, will send a request to the selected pharmacy, who will then contact you within 24hrs.